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Who we are

Left to right: Janelle Hoffman, CMA, Michelle Mathiesen (administrator, LPN), Christina Fleisher CMA, Donald Sharman, MD, Kim MCCarthy CMA, Dina Rodriguez CMA, Chardae Valentin - receptionist

The Kitsap Medical Group was founded in 1986 by Donald L Sharman, MD and consists of healthcare professionals including medical doctors, nurse practitioners and their support staff, all dedicated to providing continuous and comprehensive adult medical care to people who live and work in small outlying communities near the edges of Kitsap County.

We go where our patients are, and to offer them attending service whether they are in the hospital, a nursing facility, an adult family home or at home with the assistance of a home health agency.


​Left to right: Jennifer Garrett (volunteer and interim receptionist), Barb Lovato (volunteer), Amie Wilcox FNP, Michelle Mathiesen (administrator/LPN), Richard Hanson PA, William Bauer MD

Dr. Sharman is board certified in Internal Medicine. He graduated from Loma Linda University, in 1983. He opened the Kitsap Medical Group, in Bremerton, in 1986. He has since moved out in to the undeserved communities of Kingston.

Following his mission to provide complete and comprehensive medical care to the patient, Dr. Sharman has taken the care to the patient, whether it is in their community, their home, the hospital or rehab setting. He is married with five children and one grandchild, enjoys gardening, dark chocolate and chess! 


Dr Sharman M.D.


Dr Bauer M.D.

Dr. Bauer is board certified in Internal Medicine. He graduated from University of Utah School of Medicine, in 1988. He spent several years working for the Army in Georgia and North Carolina, before heading to Washington State, and finally settling here with us, at the Kitsap Medical Group.

He is a big proponent of fitness and exercise. He has two children, and three grandchildren, enjoys college football, brownies and face booking!


P.A. Hanson Jr.

** Please help us by congratulating Richard on the purchase of his own practice. He will no longer be working for our clinic, directly, as of March 1, 2023. Although we hate to see him go, we wish him much luck in his future endeavors!

He will continue to provide medication management for the patients he has established with, through our practice, however!


Richard E. Hanson Jr. is a Physician Assistant with over 17 years of experience in a variety of areas of medicine.  Originally born and raised in southern California, he moved to Bremerton, WA with his family in 1991 and attended Olympic High School.  After graduating in 1995, Richard enlisted in the United States Air Force and was stationed at McChord AFB, Tacoma, WA.  There he excelled an all areas of his career: early promotion to Senior Airman, 62d Logistics Group Airman of the year and was nominated for U.S. Air Force Airman of the Year 2000.  After being the #1 hydraulic mechanic in all of Air Force promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, he set his sights on the military’s highly competitive Interservice Physician Assistant Program.  There he graduated 1st in Air Force, and with distinguished graduate honors.

He was stationed at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma where he has lived with his four children since 2004.  In 2018, he met the love of his life, Liane, who he graduated high school with.  Her love is what brought him back to Bremerton and ultimately to a position with our office where he specializes in Psychiatry.  Richard and Liane are now happily married and live right here in East Bremerton.  He is happy to be back in his hometown and assisting the residents of this community with their mental health needs. 

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