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Welcome to Kitsap Medical Group

Do what you like. Like what you do. Do what you do best. Do the best at what you do. We hope and pray that what we have come to value, is truly of value for ourselves and others around us and for our community. We believe that good people help make communities better and good communities help make people better.

Our Vision

- To recruit and maintain a small team of primary health care providers including physicians and nurse practitioners to provide continuous and comprehensive primary adult medical care for the residents of Kitsap County.

- To construct and maintain small community clinics near the edges of the county in underserved communities; offer continuous and comprehensive primary adult medical care by having regional teams consisting of a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, licensed nurse and medical assistant serving as a clinic coordinator in each of these small communities.

- To go where our patients are, and to offer them attending service whether they are in the hospital, a nursing facility, an adult family home or at home with the assistance of a home health agency.

- Our medical doctors will spend their day primarily in the hospital and at their own regional clinic. Some time will also be spent in the nursing facilities in their region while maintaining availability throughout the day and night.

- The nurse practitioners will spend their day primarily in their regional clinic and in the nursing facilities in their area. Some time will also be spent in the adult family homes and making house calls remaining available throughout the day and night.

- The licensed nurses and the clinic coordinators will provide management, assistance and coordination for the health care providers as they work together as a team to complete the mission.

Nursing Home

Our locations

One of the main goals of the Kitsap Medical Group is to bring our services to the people in the underserved areas of Kitsap County. This is why we opened this office in 1992. We are happy to offer the same quality medical care in this office (along with the same friendly staff) that our patients have grown accustomed to in our other offices.

Phone: (360) 297-2696
Fax: (866) 282-0994

The Kitsap Medical Group was founded in 1986 by Donald L Sharman, MD and consists of healthcare professionals including medical doctors, nurse practitioners and their support staff, all dedicated to providing continuous and comprehensive adult medical care to people who live and work in small outlying communities near the edges of Kitsap County.

Phone: (360) 479-6041
Fax: (866) 282-0994

We take the majority of insurances, with the exception of Centene Services (Coordinated Care, Wellpoint and Ambetter, for example) and United Healthcare Medicaid and  Medicare Advantage HMO & PPO as well as HumanaMedicare Advantage HMO and DSNP (we do accept Humana Medicare Advantage PPO).

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